Challenging Bias in Big Data user for AI and Machine Learning

Project Charlie is funded by the Erasmus+ programme, through the Spanish National Agency - Servicio Español para la Internacionalización de la Educación (SEPIE) and it is coordinated by Universitat DeLes Illes Balears (Spain) with the participation of ISQ e-learning, SA (Portugal), Innovation TrainingCenter, S.L. (Spain), HELIXCONNECT EUROPE S.R.L. (Romania), AARHUS UNIVERSITET (Denmark) and Oy Vaasan

Ammattikorkea Koulu - Vasayrkeshog Skola Ab (Finland). CHARLIE addresses digital transformation holistically (both process-wise as well as content wise). CHARLIE focuses on ethical AI - aspect that is the next prevailing trend in nowadays digitalized society. Digital readiness (at the society level) implies the development of advanced Ethical AI competences to reduce AI bias and achieve a fairer and more responsible society.